Student work

I am in love with Chinese opera this week.
And then I came upon this wonderful beginning flash project by students Gary Lai and Celia Io Fai Lai. Made in Multimedia- RT 461 Open it in a new window as the opera continues until you shut it off. This piece is interactive.

Here are a couple of the self portraits beginning animation students created in the Motion Graphics class, Radio Television, 461.

by Jordan Devenport, Radio TV at Southern Illinois University Carbondale

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
And another work by Jordan Devenport

by Brian Hantak, Radio TV at Southern Illinois University Carbondale!

by Sean Thompson, 2010.

Activist Media Art Class, Spring 2012

by Krista Frohling and Jenny Simpson

Some older student works in Social Practice genre

This student made documentary follows a few days of  City Lab, the 15 week class in social practice that I conducted in 2006 at San Francisco State University. Jaime Windborne made the video. With a visit to Ted Purves and the Temescal Amity works and to Bonnie Sherk's living library. Thanks to the Luggage Store Gallery, students had use of the gallery's storefront annex in San Francisco's Tenderloin District.

Repossess your senses by Shoshi Krieger at University of Chicago, 2005.

Swing by Colleen Collentine. This simple intervention creates a dialogue with Rigo02's mural. What you can't see, just outside the frame is California State Hwy 101.