Land Access to which is denied no one

The People of the State of California v. Louis Gottlieb

Morningstar Ranch was a commune in the late sixties in Sonoma County California that had become open land, which meant anyone could come there to live or stay or hang out. The owner of the land, Lou Gottlieb called it "latwidno," or "land access to which is denied no one," and had it in mind to continue buying land and opening it up. In 1970 he deeded the property to God. This performance is a re-enactment of his appeal before the court to be allowed to leave the land to the deity as part of the case, People of the State of California v. Louis Gottlieb.
Performance at California College of the Arts Wattis Institute for the Arts, with Beth Custer, Matt Gonzalez, and Martha Wallner. Videotaped with the assistance of Robert Arnold.

about Morningstar: "Time in De-tension"