The People's First Preliminary hearing on Monsanto

The first preliminary hearing was held in Carbondale, IL on January 28, 2012. Evidence and testimony was used to guide the assembled public toward understanding the impact that the corporation Monsanto has on our food, farmers, communities and ecosystems. In this event, participants considered arguments for why privatizing the very basis of life is inherently harmful.

Subsequent hearings continue to draw and build on the process begun in Carbondale. While there are many lawsuits around the world against Monsanto, plaintiffs in US courts must show actual monetary or physical damage to have standing. We assert that there are other forms of harm that cannot be measured as a dollar value. The Monsanto hearings draw their participants and audiences into imagining other basis for law, and other forms of protection than we currently have.

People's Judges panel, Carbondale, IL. January 28, 2012

Steve Hixon testifying about the impact of Monsanto on seed cleaners who used help farmers save and plant their own seed. At left is the portable seed cleaning rig that Steve built. 

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