the Monsanto Hearings Documentary - excerpts

The Monsanto Hearings video is a 58 minute documentary that introduces the Monsanto Hearings project. The video was produced by Sarah Kanouse and Sarah Lewison and is available for community screenings.

The Monsanto Hearings video brings together fifteen testimonies from the first Monsanto Hearings, held in Carbondale Illinois and Iowa City, IA. The film moves back and forth between the testimonies given in the two locations, and also incorporates additional interviews from outside the courtroom. This excerpt includes the recorded testimony of Bill Kapp which was screened in the courtroom in Iowa City. Kapp is a Vietnam veteran whose visible tremors can be traced to Agent Orange exposure. 

The next People's Monsanto Hearing took place in Yellow Springs Ohio on May 10, 2014. 

Monsanto Hearings: Koepke and Squirrel from sarah lewison on Vimeo

In Iowa City, Scott Koepke, a community gardening educator, testified for the integrity of living soil, entering into evidence worms, earth and a couple of root systems. In Carbondale IL, Carbondale, the environmentalist Corina Lang presents the predicament of the ubiquitous Eastern Fox squirrel.