Queen Mother Moore at Green Haven Prison (1972)

Queen Mother Moore at Green Haven Prison   (2004-2006) by BLW

BLW is an activist media art group composed of Rozalinda Borcila, Sarah Lewison and Julie Wyman. BLW is a media performance group based in the United STates and consisting of Rozalinda Borcila, Sarah Lewison, and Julie Wyman.

BLW examines the role of media in radical practices: how do video recordings or other new media act as repository for memory and/or vehicles for interjection? Can we, through a embodied recitation of this radical speech, give this act of "play back" a different outcome?

Queen Mother Moore's Speech at Green Haven screened in 2008 at Southern Exposure Gallery Offsite, in the exhibition "Hopeless and Otherwise" curated by Valerie Imus.  More about BLW 
"I am going to tell you something no one else can tell you who wasn't there; a kit for speaking and respeaking" in the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest